Fluxx - A Family Review

Get a hold of the chaos in Fluxx, the always-different card game of ever-changing rules and win conditions. The game changes almost every turn, and you never know what’s going to happen.
Fluxx - A Family Review

Do you love following rules? How about adapting on the fly and keeping multiple steps in your brain? Well let me tell you, Fluxx is the game for you! This quick-thinking, always-changing game may be just what you’ve always wanted.

Fluxx starts with basic rules which quickly get more complex and more robust. But! Because the way to win is always changing, it never felt like the adults had an advantage over the kids. We were all playing by sheer luck, chaos, and laughter. Although when a card came up to reset the rules back to the start, we all breathed a short breath of relief!

9yo and 11yo: “Frustratingly fun!!”

Concentration was key in Fluxx. Lose focus and it’s really easy to mix up what rules are in play and make mistakes. The game is recommended for 8+, but we felt it might take too much focus for some kids that age. It was great practice for the kids' attention to detail, though, and it really made us pay attention to each player's turn. We were all fully engrossed in the game so that we wouldn’t miss a changing rule or the opportunity to win!

Fluxx isn’t the type of game where you can keep making the same play on your turn and win, so it was a great training ground for the kids’ strategy skills. They had to change their plan each turn and be agile as they played. Since the game is always… in flux… the box says it can take 5 to 30 minutes to play. Our first game took 30 minutes, but hey, you can always get lucky and win much faster than us!

Overall, Fluxx was a great play. The kids enjoyed keeping up with the ever-changing game, and we enjoyed that we were all in the same boat.

If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to pick up but keeps you on your toes, Fluxx is something that you can play with the kids as well as bring out for your friends on game night.

Helpful hints

  • Lay out your rule cards in a set order. That way as rules are replaced you know where to look as you go through the rules in order.

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