Outfoxed! - A Family Review

A crime has been committed! Can you figure out which suspect stole the pie before they get to their hideout? In Outfoxed!, a deduction game for younger kids, you roll dice, find clues, reveal suspects, and make accusations.
Outfoxed! - A Family Review

One challenge we find gaming in our house? The age range of players. With kids ranging from five to almost twelve, any game we find that engages the whole family is an instant gem, and we were so excited to discover Outfoxed!

This adorable fox mystery game was simple enough for our five-year-old to play but was still fun for the older kids, too.

Outfoxed! is a mix of games like Clue, Guess Who, and Yahtzee mashed together with the plot of a dastardly, pie stealing fox. The suspects are a charming collection of adorned foxes, and clues must be uncovered with an incredibly cleverly designed decoder! Who doesn’t love a decoder tool?!

11yo: “Someone really creative created this game and it is so cute.”

Because Outfoxed! uses a number of common boardgame mechanics, like rolling dice and moving tokens, it’s a great introduction to hobby board gaming for young players. It also had our five-year-old practicing her counting and pattern recognition skills. We highly recommend this game for pre-school players!

Although our older kids may not be pulling this out to play on their own, they loved helping the younger kids play, and it’s simple enough that they can all play together without adult support. Four kids all of different ages able to play and enjoy one game? Incredible.

9yo: “I would steal that pie too!”

We loved this cooperative family game and look forward to foiling more pie stealing foxes with our five-year-old!

Helpful hints

  • Practice counting and pattern recognition with your pre-school kids by having them tell you about their dice rolls.

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