Unstable Unicorns for Kids - A Family Review

The unicorn war goes kid-sized in Unstable Unicorns for Kids. Fill your unicorn stable, cast desperate magics, and be the first to accrue a unicorn army in this card game of colourful chaos.
Unstable Unicorns for Kids - A Family Review

Do you have unicorn kids? How about horse lovers? Or kids who squee at anything cute? Well this game is perfect for them!

Unstable Unicorns for Kids is a quick-to-learn, fast-turn card game full of adorable, hilarious unicorns! The cards have enough variety in art to make the kids excited to see each new card that was pulled and enough humor/pop culture references to keep the adults laughing.

11yo: “The art was very, very, very, very, very cute! I liked imagining how each different unicorn would cast their magic.”

We played this with the whole family, from four years old to the grandparents (although Grandma and the four-year-old did play as a team). The game recommends 6+ and we found this was an accurate starting age. Our seven-year-old needed help at first to understand how each card type worked, but she was playing independently and wreaking unicorn havoc on all of us by the end of the game.

9yo: “It was fun to get powerful looking unicorns and I loved “Double Neighing” people.”

Unstable Unicorns for Kids is not a short game. The box estimates it takes 45 minutes to play, but depending on how cutthroat the players are, it can take longer. This is also not the game for players who do not like being targeted. It can be frustrating for kids (and let's face it, adults too!) to be close to winning several times only to have the rest of the players join together to foil you.

We also warned our kids early not to become attached to any one adorable unicorn as unicorns are stolen or discarded often.

Overall, we enjoyed playing Unstable Unicorns for Kids, and the kids are excited to play again and unleash the chaos of their unicorn armies!

Helpful hints

  • The magic casting cards are actually more fun in Unstable Unicorns for Kids than the equivalent cards in Unstable Unicorns.
  • This game can potentially go on for a long, long time.

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