Cover Your Assets Board Game by Grandpa Beck's Games

Cover Your Assets Board Game by Grandpa Beck's Games

Battle to become the first millionaire by collecting sets
of assets. As you collect sets, you’ll stack them in front
of you in an alternating pattern.
Base Game

Setup Time
10 Mins
Play Time
20-40 Mins
2 to 6
Age Level
7 and Up
$21.95 CAD
$21.95 CAD
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The same gameplay and rules as our original version, and now with updated artwork and optional advanced play. Play just like the original, or add in the advanced cards for a new spin.

Stacks up your assets by pairing sets of cards like Piggy Banks, Cash Under the Mattress, Jewels, Classic Autos, and more. Each new set covers the one beneath it!

But watch out! Other players can challenge and steal the top set on your stack if they reveal a matching asset or a wild silver or gold card.

Don't worry though, you can defend yourself by revealing your own matching asset or wild cards. The player who last reveals a card takes or keeps the set, along with all the cards used in the challenge, making it more valuable and tempting for others to grab.

Perfect for both kids and adults, this game will have everyone playing and laughing all night long. No wonder it's one of Amazon's top-rated card games!

What's in the Box

Asset Cards

  • Comic Books (10)
  • Piano (10)
  • Toy Train (10)
  • Jewels (9)
  • Cash under the Mattress (9)
  • Piggy Bank (9)
  • Scooter (9)
  • Sport Plane (9)
  • Classic Auto (9)
  • Cabin (8)

Wild Cards

  • Silver (8)
  • Gold (4)

Advanced – Action Cards

  • Swap (2)
  • Move (2)

Advanced – Wild Cards

  • Penny Jar (2)

How to Play


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